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Lexus LS400 (1995-2000) - Airlift V2 Controller Shifter Trim Mount

Lexus LS400 (1995-2000) - Airlift V2 Controller Shifter Trim Mount

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USB Ports

Have an Airlift V2 system with no integrated space for your controller in your 1995-2000 Lexus LS400? Upgrade to No Coast Engineering's Shifter Trim Console for your Airlift 3p/3h Controller.

Fits: 1995-2000 Lexus LS400 and other models with trim.

**Please Allow 2-3 Weeks for Special Finishes**

Product Features:

- 3D Printed Made of High Quality ABS Plastic

- Uses the Original Mounting Location

- No Modification Required to Fit

- Available in Black Unfinished State or Carbon Fiber Hydrodip 

- Available option of DC/DC converter for 12V to 5V3A into dual Female USB plugs horizontally integrated into the lower LH/RH corners of the mount. 

***3D printed finish may have minor layer lines visible which can be sanded and sprayed with filler primer base if painted finish is desired***

-Other Specialty Coatings or Dips (Please Inquire Via Email: for Specialty Coatings)

- For Use with Airlift 3p and 3h Controllers in Horizontal Orientation (Control Pad can be Rotated with Mounting Screw on Back and Firmware Update)


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