Want Something Custom?

Have an idea that you would like to prototype or use as a functional finished piece?

We offer engineering consulting and 3D printing from design to finished product.

Email NoCoastDesignworks@gmail.com or Direct Message us via Facebook or Instagram!

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Please provide request details and email to send quote to. All orders to be paid via PayPal and will send shipping notification via this order.
Minimum Price = $20 +plus additional material and/or design work required.

**We support downloaded files, but lease refrain from requests with items with creative commons and copyright restrictions.**

All items can be made custom order if not available on the site. You will be issued a quote for the services in a timely manner.


Case Study - Subaru Forester Double DIN RHD Gauge Pod

This customer reached out to us for a custom insert to replace their entire radio assembly with a Double DIN angled gauge mount towards them on their RHD vehicle.

We sent a quote breaking down the work to be done, the finish and material, as well as easy payment and tracking method. We take it from there and most importantly, we will give you the best feedback on the design feasibility, revisions, and in some cases draft parts to confirm design intent was met before final delivery.

This part was drafted in some spare material, then approved and finished with the needed tweaks. We love it and now list it on our site!